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Sherrie Levene



Sherrie Levene
American photographer and conceptual artist. She studied at the University of Wisconsin, Madison (BA 1969, MFA 1973).  In 1979 in Sherrie Levine rephotographed Walker Evans’ photographs from the exhibition catalog “First and Last.” In 2001 Michael Mandiberg scanned these same photographs, and created and to facilitate their dissemination as a comment on how we come to know information in this burgeoning digital age. Sherrie Levene’s work in early 1980s which considered for re-photographing famous art photography); it could include work which incorporated elements from popular culture such as cartoons; and it could include artwork (such as graffiti art) and performance art which may not feather in any art context. The ideas that work must have any ‘valuable’ to constitute art and that the value of art could be objectively verified were very firmly jettisoned.  I am totally astonished that she is able to carry out this act. I guess it is the same as a remix to music.


Remix is telling a new story using a new story, creating your own story like collaborating with that story. Will I am is known for his amazing music and remixes. But some have even gone to say that he also steals work from other people. Just remember that he is not stealing the music or the story but only collaborating with that story to make a new story of his own. The same can go for googling an image and using Photoshop to morph the image to any exstent.

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Barney Bubbles

Mr.Bubbles or Colin Fulcher was born in Colin Fulcher, based in London and committed suicide in 1983. He is renowned for his distinctive contribution to the graphic design. More than a quarter of a century after his death, graphic design genius Barney Bubbles remained a powerful influence on contemporary artist. Bubbles is perhaps best known for the legendary record album covers and posters he made for Hawkwid.( Reasons to be cheerful: The life and Work of barney Bubbles) His styles stretch from art deco to constructivist to black light/acid trip. He became became Barney Bubbles in the late sixties, because he was working with the underground magazines such as Oz. He enjoyed pseudonyms and was still using them in the 1980s; Barney Bubbles must have been one that stuck. His talent wasn’t restricted to paper, brush and pencil. As a director he was responsible for The Specials’ “Ghost Town” video and Costello’s “Clubland” which was featured on NME’s Expresso Video. In 1979 Derek Boshier curated an exhibition entitled Lives at the Hayward Gallery, London. He commissioned Bubbles to design the catalogue and poster. Together with the photographer Chris Gabrin, Bubbles also exhibited a video and mixed-media installation in the exhibition.
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He is a street artist whose identity remained unknown for years, was born in Bristol, around 1974. He rose to prominence for his provocative stencilled pieces in the late 1990s. Banksy is the subject of a 2010 documentary, Exit through the Gift Shop, which examines the relationship between commercial and street art. Banksy began his career as a graffiti artist in the early 1990s, in Bristol’s graffiti gang DryBreadZ Crew. Although his early work was largely freehand, Banksy used stencils on occasion. In the late ’90s, he began using stencils predominantly. His work became more widely recognized around Bristol and in London, as his signature style developed. ( His political commentary is very pointed, humorous and modernist simultaneously. I like the fact that I was laughing at one of his pieces only to realise how serious the content is. It’s quite a transgressive humour.


I’ve honestly never seen anything like his work and I rarely understand his political subjects. More or less I am not a fan of his work because I believe that the actual work must be as beautiful or striking as the actual meaning, it has to stand out from the could but all he does is stencil. But I am full aware of the meaning hidden behind the simplest of stencils. But that is just my opinion because It seems that his work is valuable enough for someone to steal his work along with half a wall in Wood Green London. The work was called “slave labour.” Which has a boy making union jacks with a sowing machine. Banksy seems to have both. He’s a rebel and art has always been interested in rebels like doing things against the law, behind the scenes and whatnot.


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Memories are one of the most treasured abilities we possess, we have developed this ability from a young age but we don’t know how it works. Like our senses, we don’t know how we do it but we just do. When you reach an old age you begin to lose them memories and it can be a painful venture. Your memories make you who you are, charting every detail of your life, forming your whole as life goes on, and parts of you are left behind.

“Your memories interact with your whole environment and continues to change with the experience you have. What’s stored in your head is far more than a collection of faces and figures, but the experiences that make up your life. By making new connections. The cells of your brain not only respond to your environment, they also record it.” ( There are techniques to improve your memories to impressive feats, invented twenty five hundred years ago in Greece and used my Cicero used to memorise his speeches. There is a paradox called the Baker/baker. If I told one person to remember “there is a guy called Baker” and I told another that there is someone who is a baker.

The person who I told is name is Baker is less likely to remember the same word then the person who was told about the guy who is a baker.


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