Memories are one of the most treasured abilities we possess, we have developed this ability from a young age but we don’t know how it works. Like our senses, we don’t know how we do it but we just do. When you reach an old age you begin to lose them memories and it can be a painful venture. Your memories make you who you are, charting every detail of your life, forming your whole as life goes on, and parts of you are left behind.

“Your memories interact with your whole environment and continues to change with the experience you have. What’s stored in your head is far more than a collection of faces and figures, but the experiences that make up your life. By making new connections. The cells of your brain not only respond to your environment, they also record it.” ( There are techniques to improve your memories to impressive feats, invented twenty five hundred years ago in Greece and used my Cicero used to memorise his speeches. There is a paradox called the Baker/baker. If I told one person to remember “there is a guy called Baker” and I told another that there is someone who is a baker.

The person who I told is name is Baker is less likely to remember the same word then the person who was told about the guy who is a baker.


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