Barney Bubbles

Mr.Bubbles or Colin Fulcher was born in Colin Fulcher, based in London and committed suicide in 1983. He is renowned for his distinctive contribution to the graphic design. More than a quarter of a century after his death, graphic design genius Barney Bubbles remained a powerful influence on contemporary artist. Bubbles is perhaps best known for the legendary record album covers and posters he made for Hawkwid.( Reasons to be cheerful: The life and Work of barney Bubbles) His styles stretch from art deco to constructivist to black light/acid trip. He became became Barney Bubbles in the late sixties, because he was working with the underground magazines such as Oz. He enjoyed pseudonyms and was still using them in the 1980s; Barney Bubbles must have been one that stuck. His talent wasn’t restricted to paper, brush and pencil. As a director he was responsible for The Specials’ “Ghost Town” video and Costello’s “Clubland” which was featured on NME’s Expresso Video. In 1979 Derek Boshier curated an exhibition entitled Lives at the Hayward Gallery, London. He commissioned Bubbles to design the catalogue and poster. Together with the photographer Chris Gabrin, Bubbles also exhibited a video and mixed-media installation in the exhibition.
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P, Gorman(2010) Reasons to be cheerful: The life and Work of barney Bubbles, Adelita Limited



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