Sherrie Levene



Sherrie Levene
American photographer and conceptual artist. She studied at the University of Wisconsin, Madison (BA 1969, MFA 1973).  In 1979 in Sherrie Levine rephotographed Walker Evans’ photographs from the exhibition catalog “First and Last.” In 2001 Michael Mandiberg scanned these same photographs, and created and to facilitate their dissemination as a comment on how we come to know information in this burgeoning digital age. Sherrie Levene’s work in early 1980s which considered for re-photographing famous art photography); it could include work which incorporated elements from popular culture such as cartoons; and it could include artwork (such as graffiti art) and performance art which may not feather in any art context. The ideas that work must have any ‘valuable’ to constitute art and that the value of art could be objectively verified were very firmly jettisoned.  I am totally astonished that she is able to carry out this act. I guess it is the same as a remix to music.


Remix is telling a new story using a new story, creating your own story like collaborating with that story. Will I am is known for his amazing music and remixes. But some have even gone to say that he also steals work from other people. Just remember that he is not stealing the music or the story but only collaborating with that story to make a new story of his own. The same can go for googling an image and using Photoshop to morph the image to any exstent.

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