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Colour and expression.

Colour and Expression
Kate Moross is a designer, illustrator and art director based in London. She has been profiled in Grafik Magazine, Dazed & Confused, Vice magazine and Creative Review, who selected her for a Creative Future award in 2007. She’s been designing since the day she was born. She has always been drawing or inventing something she was going out of her way to meet people such as record label owner’s bands, club nights and owners. She began to design logos and fliers for them kind of people. She used the internet to sow off her work such as social websites and blogs. (K, Moross, 2011) I think she’s an inspiration to designers everywhere saying that we should always strive for success for success in our designs and always dream of ourselves becoming worldwide from our work. And she expresses the confidence to talk to someone new to open your connections and the modesty to work for free at the beginning of a graphic designer. I like the idea of working for free to build on your reputation because more and more people will want you to make logos for them for free.
For me, what she describes feels like the speeches of power and I gain the same feeling from surprisingly D&B music such as Rogue by Adventure Time. Just listening to these kind of tracks gives the relating feelings to an everyday speech as guiding as kate morross or as inspirational as Obamas “Yes we can” campaign. What makes Drum and bass such an ear candy? Or how does different genres effect different people?
Every listener to a melody exhibits. Not everyone taps his foot or sways his body to the rhythm of the music : but every listener who is are all musical , everyone to whom the succession of tones means anything, responds by exhibiting very slight but characteristic changes of muscular tenacity. It is the listener and not the performer that makes the melody. M, Schoen (2013). I agree with this because we all interoperate music differently such as if I forgot a course of a song and I maybe hum it to my friend. They either may get the music or deny that the melody I was imitate was wrong.
There is a video stating if my red is the same as yours? It means that an individual has no idea to know whether they have the same interpretations as everyone else. For example with people with colour blindness. What we could see is a world filled with vibrancy but what they see is somewhat relative to a 60s show. In nature. Colour may be a source of great beauty to the beholder, but to a planet or an animal it is most often means of survival. Peter parks, a founder of oxford in nature with stunning examples. Nature colour arises from a diversity of mechanisms often associated with distinct functions. Dyes and stains used by many creatures, frequently for camouflage. Colour can also be used for the intense colours that announce the presence of an individual as for example in a matins display. Colour can also be used for warning as in the poison our fire bellied toad, or even the venomous black widow. I totally agree with this because it even seems like each of the residents the Docklands campus. My fellow residents in Redbridge always seem to have a spring in their step and an upbeat mood.
Colour“There was a reputation of there apparently being a bordello in the Marley house which is the maroon red building and I have personally seen fights in the windows of the orange building. I know that colour has a large impression on our lives. Which is why I always want at least two pieces of red clothing because red is also the base Chakra, which is located at the base of the spine. This chakra governs the material world, our physical structure and our social position in life. “J, Alexander (2000)
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Is weed really bad for you?

Is weed really bad for you?
What comes to my mind is that what that is it dangerous and is it dangerous enough to be illegal? Is weed really bad for you? Along with the video in the reference. I also went out not only to ask my friends, but the people of London if they truly know if weed is bad for you. A number of people I asked didn’t even know the apparent hazard of weed. Some said it’s just bad for you because it just is. It’s an unhappy feeling to know that people just believe what is said and not actually search for their own answers.  My friends half agree and disagree that it is bad for you. But the reason they smoke it is because of the feeling it presents. Instead of assuming, there’s no actual evidence that weed causes any physical disabilities. Others say that it can be immensely addictive and others will decide that it causes lung cancer or other body functioning dependencies. I have decided to smoke weed myself, every 3 days to understand the effects myself. Surprisingly I have also experienced the beneficial effects but I felt no sign of negative effects maybe because they were over shadowed by the beneficial. I am usually stressed over work and essays but literally all that stress went away. I regularly have back pain due to y vast hours or researching and working for my duel honers courses and the pain just vanished, I was in a great and depthful mood. So I prefer to have it because of this. (Journal of the American Medical association (2014)

“A study that was published in the journal of the American Medical association investigation the effects of marijuana and tobacco on pulmonary function. They followed more than 5000 men and women for over 20 years, wanting to see how smoking tobacco and marijuana affected lung health. In these results they couldn’t even show that even high use of marijuana was bad for lung function although the study was in power for that specific analysis.”
It’s unusual how people don’t know about the written proof of marijuana or any other kind of drug that may be harmful but are willing to believe. Thoughts like these remind me of the people of Christianity. I and Bethany Durant went to this Christian education event after every Tuesday and the word they gave were fascinating. To believe so strongly about something that happened millennia’s ago and as you know that stories never stay the same. I mostly enjoyed the quotes such as “there is something special about you Coneyl” and “you are with the kind of girl that will encourage you to make it to the top” but when we began to unravel the importance of how needed is church in your life is, it became uneasing. As I am, I like to ask the most trivial questions such as “If my mother was on the death bead and it was a Sunday, your saying that I should still choose to prey in church?” and the answer was insane. I was completely not inclined to accepting god over this because our family must come first It seemed like everyone wasn’t expecting my shocked reaction and Bethany’s instant doubt in everything they were saying. The faith they have in “God” is astonishing. Even if there was a god and I’m meant to give up and sacrifice everything that is my life just to cleanse myself in the house of god. Way on earth would I?

The disadvantages to marijuana are always unclear but the causes of tobacco are visible to everyone.

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Culture and Identity

What is culture? I think it is connected with the knowledge we possess of the way we view ourselves, something that brings us together. We are culture. Some people are lucky enough to be born in a place where they are able to pressure their dreams or some are born into the life of wealth and riches. Others are born in the world of continuous struggle and danger. The possibilities of being born in any kind of life are beyond endless but where do we truly belong? Do we prefer a safe place? Were we born in an overpopulated region of the planet? Even where do we choose to belong? Where do we call home?

Do we chose to stay in the comfort of the routine life or do we investigate and explore the corners of the unknown in the world. Honestly why wouldn’t we want to lose ourselves in the world of infinite beauty’s? Because the live they live now is already there, they live in the good life of now so why strive for better in the future. Here’s an example, Imagine you are writing an essay and that girl who you met in the hallway who is carrying double Ds on her chest in in your mind. Id mind is a natural state, pleasure from biological drives. Doesn’t matter what choice we make because both the parts have an invisible end. Even if you chose to do nothing. Change is inevitable. Whatever road we take, what would it provide? What if it was a world where Masculinity and femininity did exist? Of course it would exist because the people believe so. Every day you would have to put on a fake clock of your true being just to be accepted in that civilisation. Realistically masculinity and femininity do not exist in anyone of us but just ideas that we include with our efforts. It doesn’t matter if it is a boy or a girl. Labels aren’t needed. Image

Think of it as a different order, a completely different way of being. Imagine how beautiful the world would be if no one was afraid of disorder? “With the Media containing so many images of woman and men, and messages about them, women and sexuality today, it is highly unlikely. At the same time, though it’s just as unlikely that the media has direct and straightforward effect on its audiences. It’s unsatisfactory to just assume that people somehow copy or borrow their identities from the media.” D, Gauntlett (2009). I agree with this because of our icons of media such as celebrities always having their fans imitate them in a way. But adopting an identity may not just be through the famous. 38 Year old Blondie. Has been obsessed with Barbie ever since she was a girl. When she became a teenager, she wanted to navigate her life towards her Barbie. With all the videos, TV shows and Barbie additions, it gave off the fantasy that she is living an existing life. She has spent a quarter of hundred thousand on her boob jobs, that are the size of double J. She also has a chin job and dreams of becoming completely plastic and even becoming brainless and uses hypnotherapy to make her deal a lifeless reality. A world where people were accepting to the unknown more? It would be overwhelmingly amazing. Unfortunately us people are persuaded by our ego.  Our ego reflects upon who we are and how we behave. We have learnt to follow the cultural rules of our society in which we have been brought up in. if someone acts differently from the cultural rules they become their own group and singled out. Another way to understand this is bullying in a high school such as wearing no cloths but why don’t animals have this problem? Why is it that we feel embarrassed?  “It is our ability to comprehend these words depends on human qualities that far surpass those of most other species. We are intelligent and sophisticated enough to have a sense of personal identity that distinguished us from other people.” R, Miller (1997). The moment a child is noticed maybe without the new trend trainers? They are singled out by the larger cultural forward groups. What should be held close is that “difference is normal. It is neither to be celebrated nor denigrated. It just is.” (Transformative Leadership in Education: Equitable change in an uncertain World)

I have been studying and needing a deeper understanding of other cultures now. I came across a book explaining other cultures.

“So what is Jewish culture of even how would it cohabitate with other cultures? “If you ever find yourself in Djerba. You might find Hebrew inscriptions traveling across the walls and ceilings of jewellery stores. That means not only Muslims live in the world of Tunisia but also means that it is home to over hundreds of Jewish people. Djerba is called the island of dreams because of the beautiful beaches, sparkling sun and the cohabitation of the Jewish and Muslims. The cultural differences will capture your attention and plays a large part in the tourist region.” (




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