Culture and Identity

What is culture? I think it is connected with the knowledge we possess of the way we view ourselves, something that brings us together. We are culture. Some people are lucky enough to be born in a place where they are able to pressure their dreams or some are born into the life of wealth and riches. Others are born in the world of continuous struggle and danger. The possibilities of being born in any kind of life are beyond endless but where do we truly belong? Do we prefer a safe place? Were we born in an overpopulated region of the planet? Even where do we choose to belong? Where do we call home?

Do we chose to stay in the comfort of the routine life or do we investigate and explore the corners of the unknown in the world. Honestly why wouldn’t we want to lose ourselves in the world of infinite beauty’s? Because the live they live now is already there, they live in the good life of now so why strive for better in the future. Here’s an example, Imagine you are writing an essay and that girl who you met in the hallway who is carrying double Ds on her chest in in your mind. Id mind is a natural state, pleasure from biological drives. Doesn’t matter what choice we make because both the parts have an invisible end. Even if you chose to do nothing. Change is inevitable. Whatever road we take, what would it provide? What if it was a world where Masculinity and femininity did exist? Of course it would exist because the people believe so. Every day you would have to put on a fake clock of your true being just to be accepted in that civilisation. Realistically masculinity and femininity do not exist in anyone of us but just ideas that we include with our efforts. It doesn’t matter if it is a boy or a girl. Labels aren’t needed. Image

Think of it as a different order, a completely different way of being. Imagine how beautiful the world would be if no one was afraid of disorder? “With the Media containing so many images of woman and men, and messages about them, women and sexuality today, it is highly unlikely. At the same time, though it’s just as unlikely that the media has direct and straightforward effect on its audiences. It’s unsatisfactory to just assume that people somehow copy or borrow their identities from the media.” D, Gauntlett (2009). I agree with this because of our icons of media such as celebrities always having their fans imitate them in a way. But adopting an identity may not just be through the famous. 38 Year old Blondie. Has been obsessed with Barbie ever since she was a girl. When she became a teenager, she wanted to navigate her life towards her Barbie. With all the videos, TV shows and Barbie additions, it gave off the fantasy that she is living an existing life. She has spent a quarter of hundred thousand on her boob jobs, that are the size of double J. She also has a chin job and dreams of becoming completely plastic and even becoming brainless and uses hypnotherapy to make her deal a lifeless reality. A world where people were accepting to the unknown more? It would be overwhelmingly amazing. Unfortunately us people are persuaded by our ego.  Our ego reflects upon who we are and how we behave. We have learnt to follow the cultural rules of our society in which we have been brought up in. if someone acts differently from the cultural rules they become their own group and singled out. Another way to understand this is bullying in a high school such as wearing no cloths but why don’t animals have this problem? Why is it that we feel embarrassed?  “It is our ability to comprehend these words depends on human qualities that far surpass those of most other species. We are intelligent and sophisticated enough to have a sense of personal identity that distinguished us from other people.” R, Miller (1997). The moment a child is noticed maybe without the new trend trainers? They are singled out by the larger cultural forward groups. What should be held close is that “difference is normal. It is neither to be celebrated nor denigrated. It just is.” (Transformative Leadership in Education: Equitable change in an uncertain World)

I have been studying and needing a deeper understanding of other cultures now. I came across a book explaining other cultures.

“So what is Jewish culture of even how would it cohabitate with other cultures? “If you ever find yourself in Djerba. You might find Hebrew inscriptions traveling across the walls and ceilings of jewellery stores. That means not only Muslims live in the world of Tunisia but also means that it is home to over hundreds of Jewish people. Djerba is called the island of dreams because of the beautiful beaches, sparkling sun and the cohabitation of the Jewish and Muslims. The cultural differences will capture your attention and plays a large part in the tourist region.” (




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