Is weed really bad for you?

Is weed really bad for you?
What comes to my mind is that what that is it dangerous and is it dangerous enough to be illegal? Is weed really bad for you? Along with the video in the reference. I also went out not only to ask my friends, but the people of London if they truly know if weed is bad for you. A number of people I asked didn’t even know the apparent hazard of weed. Some said it’s just bad for you because it just is. It’s an unhappy feeling to know that people just believe what is said and not actually search for their own answers.  My friends half agree and disagree that it is bad for you. But the reason they smoke it is because of the feeling it presents. Instead of assuming, there’s no actual evidence that weed causes any physical disabilities. Others say that it can be immensely addictive and others will decide that it causes lung cancer or other body functioning dependencies. I have decided to smoke weed myself, every 3 days to understand the effects myself. Surprisingly I have also experienced the beneficial effects but I felt no sign of negative effects maybe because they were over shadowed by the beneficial. I am usually stressed over work and essays but literally all that stress went away. I regularly have back pain due to y vast hours or researching and working for my duel honers courses and the pain just vanished, I was in a great and depthful mood. So I prefer to have it because of this. (Journal of the American Medical association (2014)

“A study that was published in the journal of the American Medical association investigation the effects of marijuana and tobacco on pulmonary function. They followed more than 5000 men and women for over 20 years, wanting to see how smoking tobacco and marijuana affected lung health. In these results they couldn’t even show that even high use of marijuana was bad for lung function although the study was in power for that specific analysis.”
It’s unusual how people don’t know about the written proof of marijuana or any other kind of drug that may be harmful but are willing to believe. Thoughts like these remind me of the people of Christianity. I and Bethany Durant went to this Christian education event after every Tuesday and the word they gave were fascinating. To believe so strongly about something that happened millennia’s ago and as you know that stories never stay the same. I mostly enjoyed the quotes such as “there is something special about you Coneyl” and “you are with the kind of girl that will encourage you to make it to the top” but when we began to unravel the importance of how needed is church in your life is, it became uneasing. As I am, I like to ask the most trivial questions such as “If my mother was on the death bead and it was a Sunday, your saying that I should still choose to prey in church?” and the answer was insane. I was completely not inclined to accepting god over this because our family must come first It seemed like everyone wasn’t expecting my shocked reaction and Bethany’s instant doubt in everything they were saying. The faith they have in “God” is astonishing. Even if there was a god and I’m meant to give up and sacrifice everything that is my life just to cleanse myself in the house of god. Way on earth would I?

The disadvantages to marijuana are always unclear but the causes of tobacco are visible to everyone.

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