Colour and expression.

Colour and Expression
Kate Moross is a designer, illustrator and art director based in London. She has been profiled in Grafik Magazine, Dazed & Confused, Vice magazine and Creative Review, who selected her for a Creative Future award in 2007. She’s been designing since the day she was born. She has always been drawing or inventing something she was going out of her way to meet people such as record label owner’s bands, club nights and owners. She began to design logos and fliers for them kind of people. She used the internet to sow off her work such as social websites and blogs. (K, Moross, 2011) I think she’s an inspiration to designers everywhere saying that we should always strive for success for success in our designs and always dream of ourselves becoming worldwide from our work. And she expresses the confidence to talk to someone new to open your connections and the modesty to work for free at the beginning of a graphic designer. I like the idea of working for free to build on your reputation because more and more people will want you to make logos for them for free.
For me, what she describes feels like the speeches of power and I gain the same feeling from surprisingly D&B music such as Rogue by Adventure Time. Just listening to these kind of tracks gives the relating feelings to an everyday speech as guiding as kate morross or as inspirational as Obamas “Yes we can” campaign. What makes Drum and bass such an ear candy? Or how does different genres effect different people?
Every listener to a melody exhibits. Not everyone taps his foot or sways his body to the rhythm of the music : but every listener who is are all musical , everyone to whom the succession of tones means anything, responds by exhibiting very slight but characteristic changes of muscular tenacity. It is the listener and not the performer that makes the melody. M, Schoen (2013). I agree with this because we all interoperate music differently such as if I forgot a course of a song and I maybe hum it to my friend. They either may get the music or deny that the melody I was imitate was wrong.
There is a video stating if my red is the same as yours? It means that an individual has no idea to know whether they have the same interpretations as everyone else. For example with people with colour blindness. What we could see is a world filled with vibrancy but what they see is somewhat relative to a 60s show. In nature. Colour may be a source of great beauty to the beholder, but to a planet or an animal it is most often means of survival. Peter parks, a founder of oxford in nature with stunning examples. Nature colour arises from a diversity of mechanisms often associated with distinct functions. Dyes and stains used by many creatures, frequently for camouflage. Colour can also be used for the intense colours that announce the presence of an individual as for example in a matins display. Colour can also be used for warning as in the poison our fire bellied toad, or even the venomous black widow. I totally agree with this because it even seems like each of the residents the Docklands campus. My fellow residents in Redbridge always seem to have a spring in their step and an upbeat mood.
Colour“There was a reputation of there apparently being a bordello in the Marley house which is the maroon red building and I have personally seen fights in the windows of the orange building. I know that colour has a large impression on our lives. Which is why I always want at least two pieces of red clothing because red is also the base Chakra, which is located at the base of the spine. This chakra governs the material world, our physical structure and our social position in life. “J, Alexander (2000)
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